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Fairy Tale Photos

If you are looking for a special effects photograph, we have endless possiblities which will ultimately produce a unique photograph you will treasure for years to come.

If you have a photograph you can send it to us and using our imagination or a background as per your request, we can set the photograph into the new background to create magical effects. We can even add children, pets, etc from different photographs to make one.

There are many backgrounds to choose from including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Bob the Builder etc.

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If you have a number of favourite photographs, instead of framing each one individually, why not capture them in one photographic collage. We can take a number of photographs and artistically arrange them and add special effects using the latest photographic software. We can use wedding photographs, birthday parties, christenings, pets, children etc. The possibilities are endless. The final collages are available in various sizes and are finished in a photographic print or on canvas.

Wedding Collages

From this group of photographs we created the collage (below) using the wedding and bridesmaid dresses as our background. We then incorporated the necklaces worn by the bridesmaids and butterflies from the bridal bouquet into the photograph to give it that special touch.

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Glamour Retouching

More associated with celebrities, airbrushing can be used to prefect your photos. We can perform minor to major changes inclusding removal of wrinkles, eyebags, spots, etc.

We can also enhance photos by whitening teeth, filling in missing teeth, straightening teeth, brightening eyes, changing eye colour, adding extra length to eye lashes, improving hair, changing nose shape, or even slimming of the face arms etc. The extent of the retouching is down is down to personal choice.

Fine lines around the eyes removed
Facial spots removed
A more extreme makeover

Background Changes

Using artisitic/graphic manipulation, we can transform photos by changing the backgrounds. We can take people/objects out of photos or add people in. Using a simple photograph we can add in a background which will resemble a photographic studio shot.

The possibilities are endless for this type of manipulation.

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Photo Restoration

Our professional photo restoration service can repair your treasured photographs. If that cherished photograph has been damaged, torn by accident, or simply faded and deteriorated through age - we can repair it.

By capturing your photo electronically, the digital copy can be enhanced and manipulated by one of our restoration artists using specialist computer software. The original photograph is not altered and returned in its original condition.

Some of the things we can do:

- Repair scratches creases and tears

- Mould, dirt spots and stain removal

- Piece back together torn photographs

- Recreate missing sections

- Remove pen / biro marks

- Correct colour casts and yellow aged pictures

- Revive contrast / brightness in faded photographs

- Enhance detail, focus and sharpness

- Restore ghosted images (double exposures)

- Mend scorched or fire damaged photographs

- Add a colour tint to your black and white photo to create a colour photograph