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NRG IT Solutions is a dynamic young company who has the expertise and resources to meet your every need with regards to your IT systems.

We believe in working in partnership with our customers to allow them to have the best possible IT infrastructure to maximize their business potential.  Whatever our customers need we will provide them with the best solution.

Regardless of size or industry type we will be able to work with you to discover the solution you need.


With the continual changes in IT, trying to keep up with it all can seem impossible.  When you are running a business you don’t really want to have to be distracted by this, by using NRG you can allow us to worry about this for you.

We have experience in dealing with software from the following manufacturers

- Sage

- Microsoft

- Eset

- Symantec

- Adobe

At NRG we will analyse your business needs and provide you with the software that is best suited to you.  Our aim is to make your I.T system simple and effective so you have an infrastructure that is reliable and meets you needs.  Simply tell us what you need your system to do and we will find the software that does it.

Bespoke Applications

While off-the-shelf software can offer your business a lot of what it requires there will always be something more that you will need.  You may need a report from you accounts system, or you may wish to be able to store extra information, or you may even require a system designed from scratch.

At NRG we will provide you with whatever you need.  Our developers are experienced in Visual Basic and in utilising database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server.


In todays business world IT networks are now integral to the way businesses operate. Networks can vary from small and simple where a few PCs are conencted together, to the larger and more complicated where seperate offices may be remotely connected.

The advantages of having a network are easy to see allowing the sharing of resources and information between users and offices.

NRG can provide you with a network infrastructure that will be fast, reliable and meet all your business requirements, and all at an affordable cost. To do this we will carry out a requirements analysis and from this create a system specification. This will all lead to a network providing exactly what you need.


IT systems are a critical part of any business, and any downtime can cause loss of data and loss of business. That is why it is important to make sure that your IT systems are continually working reliably and efficiently. And if there problems, they are dealt with quickly to keep their impact to a minimum.

NRG can provide you with a support contract that will allow your systems to remain in the best possible condition. By monitoring your systems we can spot potential problems early before they become critical and bring business to a halt.

And with remote support, we don't have to travel to resolve many issues. By connecting remotely many problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes, and keeping inconvenience to a minimum.


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In todays office environment, having a server as a part of your I.T infrastructure can have many advantages, even in a small sized business. Making a server a part of your office network can mean the following.

- Centralised Data Storage - All files and folders can be stored on the server. There is no need for users to store files on their own PCs.

- Flexibility - New technology can easily be integrated into the new system.

- Interoperability - All components on the network(server, PCs, printers, etc.) work together.

- Speed - Due to the server handling all data and resources the speed of the network is improved.

- Backup - With all files and folders stored centrally on the server, backing it all up to tape is easy.

- Support and management - Because the server handles the majority of network and security settings, the role of support is made much easier.

Client Workstations

The PC over recent years has become an integral part of the office with so many

computer functions now replacing paper-work. PC's now allow people with access to email, word processing and accounts etc to carry out their daily tasks.

When combined with a network and one or more server, then a system can be created where-by users can easily share resources and information.


In business the laptop can be of a huge benefit to those people how find them frequently in and out of the office. With a laptop they can get copies of information, and get details of meetings and sales calls.

Simply put, a laptop allows the likes of a salesman quite literally take his work with him.


There are now a wide range of printers on the market designed for general use of more specific jobs. Printers are available on the market to do the following

- General office printing of reports letters etc.

- Barcode printers

- Colour high speed printers for booklets, posters, flyers etc.

- High quality photographic printers

What NRG can do for you

No matter if you know exactly what sort of hardware you need, or you are not sure what is needed for a specific function, NRG can help.

By carefully analysing your system requirements we can provide you with a solution that will not only provide you with exactly what you want, but also at an affordable price.

Internet Services


Not sure what broadband package is best suited for your business? Let NRG find the best deal out there for you. We can deal with all communication with the chosen provider and when it comes to installation, we will be there to be sure that all goes smoothly.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is an essential requirement if you want to have a professional identlty on the internet. We can register a domain name for you and provide email addresses and web space for your site.


With your domain name registered, we can set up email accounts for your users, either by using POP3 accounts or by using Microsoft Exchange installed on a server in your office.